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The burgeoning number of relinquished or abandoned poodles has created the need for interim homes until the placement process can be completed. Many rescued poodles need medical care, recuperation and grooming before they can be adopted.

The founders of Florida Poodle Rescue, Inc. have enlisted the aid of some generous volunteers who agree to keep the rescued poodles until owners can be matched with them. The period in foster care can vary from a week to several months. Foster care provides another important benefit-time to observe the dog and learn its personality traits. This is valuable information that Florida Poodle Rescue uses to match the dog with a prospective owner.

Interested? Apply below. There is always an urgent need for additional foster homes.

Foster Parent Application

Please fill out completly

All fields with * must be answered.If you are applying to adopt a standard poodle, please note that a fenced-in yard is required. No exceptions.

You and Your Household

Your First Name*: Your Last Name*:
Gender*: Age*:

Your spouse, roommate, or partner

First Name: Last Name: Age:
Address 1*:
Address 2:
City*: State*:  Zip*: 
Primary Phone*: ()   - Work/Mobile Phone: ()   -
Email Address*:
Have you ever fostered a poodle or any other dog before?*
Why do you want to become a foster or want foster a dog again and what are you willing to do to prepare the dog for a new home?*
Has your spouse, roommate or partner agreed to foster a dog?*
Is anyone in your household allergic to pets?*
List the ages of all children in your house*:
Who will be the primary caregiver?*
Does the primary caregiver work?*
During work, how will the poodle be cared for during work hours? *
How many hours will the poodle be left alone each day?*
Where will he/she stay? *
Where will the poodle sleep at night?*
Please describe your daily routine*:
Will your dog be allowed complete access to your house?*
How do you plan to exercise your poodle?*

Your Home and Property

What is your housing situation?* If Other, please explain:
Are you in Military Housing?*
Do you own a swimming pool?* Is the swimming pool enclosed?
Is your yard fenced in?* What is the height and type of the fence?
Do you own or rent?* (If you rent, enter your landlord's info below or your application will not processed.)

If you Rent, provide Landlord's Information

First Name*: Last Name*:
Address 1*:
Address 2:
City*: State*:  Zip*: 
Phone*: ()   -

Your Pets, Veterinarian and Groomer

Are there other dogs in your household?* 
If yes, please list each dog's breed, gender, age, current status of vaccinations and status of spaying or neutering. All pets in the household MUST be spayed/neutered. The only exception is if they are currently being shown in the conformation ring or health issues preclude this surgery. Verification from the vet will be required.
Other than the pets listed above, have you had dogs in the past?* 
If yes, what happened to them? 

Veterinarian's Information

FPR will call to verify your veterinary reference. If you do not currently have any pets, please provide the name of the veterinarian you used in the past.
Vet's Name*: Clinic Name*:
Vet's Address*: Vet's Phone*: ()   -
 I do not currently have a vet.

Groomer's Information

FPR will call to verify your groomer's reference. If you do not currently have any pets, please provide the name of the groomer you used in the past.
Groomer's Name*: Groomer's Address*:
Groomer's Phone*: ()   -  I do not currently have a groomer.

Personal References

Please list two personal references who are NOT RELATED to you and are not your Vet or Groomer.

Reference #1

Reference #2
Name: Name:
Phone: ()   - Phone: ()   -
Email Address: Email Address:
Relationship to reference: Relationship to reference:

Miscellaneous Questions

What size poodle do you prefer?* If you are applying to adopt a standard poodle, please note that a fenced-in yard is required. No exceptions.
Would you be willing to foster a special needs dog?*
How did you hear about FPR?*
If Other, please explain:
How much time can you spend being a Foster Parent?*

Please click submit one time and wait for the "Thank You" page to appear.