We frequently hear the following questions:

Q: Where is FPR located?

A: We do not have a brick and mortar facility. Although our mailing address is in St Petersburg, all of our dogs are in foster homes, which may be anywhere in the state of Florida.

Q: Why do you have so few dogs on your website? Are those the only dogs you have? 

A: Dogs are not added to our website until they have been evaluated by their foster parents and are ready for adoption. Also, because we have a waiting list of approved applicants, some dogs may be placed before being listed.

Q: Could someone call me if you get the size and age Poodle I want? 

A: You must complete an application, have your references checked, have an interview and a home visit and be approved to adopt before we would contact you about a dog that may be a good fit for your household.

Q: How long does it take to adopt after I apply? 

A: The timeframe for each adoption will vary and can range from one month to several months to find a suitable match. Our goal is to find the best home for each dog, and the best dog for each family. 

Q: What if I don’t have a computer, how do I get an application? 

A: You may call us at 727-265-1766 and we can mail you a paper application. Please bear in mind that it will take longer for volunteers to enter your application on the database.

Q: Why does it take so long to get a call after I apply to adopt a Poodle? 

A: Volunteers process our applications, and we receive an average of 100 applications every month. Each one must be thoroughly reviewed and all references contacted before the application is passed to the Placement Team volunteer for a telephone interview. See below for suggestions on expediting the processing of the application.

Q: What can I do to speed up the handling of my application? 

A: Be sure that your application is complete, with correct phone numbers and email addresses for references. Email addresses for personal references are particularly important, as they save our volunteers’ time. Notify your references, including your vet and groomer, to expect to be contacted.

Q: Do you ever have Poodle mixes?

A: Yes. If you specifically want a mix rather than a purebred, be sure to indicate that on your application. 

Q: Do you have a temporary housing option for dogs?

A: No. But there are resources available for those who are in the military and facing deployment, or those in need of temporary care for their animals while hospitalized. PACT for Animals is one resource (https://pactforanimals.org). Dogs on Deployment (https://www.dogsondeployment.org) is specifically for deploying military. 

Q: Can you help me pay for veterinary care for my dog?

A: Unfortunately no, that is not our mission, but there are a number of organizations, both local and national, that help with unexpected vet expenses. Google “help with vet bills.” There are also many organizations that offer low-cost spay/neuter and vaccinations. These are usually local, so Google the service you need and your location to find help.

Q: Why are your adoption fees so much higher than adopting from a shelter?

A: All of our dogs are groomed, spayed/neutered, microchipped and given vet care, including vaccinations, dentals and expensive surgery if needed. Those costs are often the responsibility of an adopter from a shelter. If one of our dogs needs some help from our trainer, we pay for that as well. Also, shelters are often publicly funded, and Florida Poodle Rescue subsists only on donations and adoption fees. There are wonderful dogs in shelters, though, and we would never dissuade someone from adopting from a shelter, especially if money is an issue.

Q: Do you adopt to those who live out of the state of Florida?

A: Yes, under certain conditions. Once your references have been checked and you have had a telephone interview, we must be able to arrange for a home visit where you live. And after your home visit, if you are approved to adopt, you must be willing to travel to Florida to meet the dog at the foster’s home, with the understanding that the adoption is not guaranteed.


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