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Our History

Florida Poodle Rescue, Inc. (FPR) came about because of the efforts of two women who care deeply about the plight of unwanted dogs — Patricia Bonati and Martha Harrington. Gradually word spread of their commitment to finding good homes for Poodles, and “Florida Poodle Rescue” was born. Although Martha retired for health reasons, Tricia remains an active part of our organization.

Since the creation of Florida Poodle Rescue in 1994, we have found homes for over 10,000 Poodles — Standards, Miniatures, Toys, and Poodle-wannabes — who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted, or who simply lost their home due to the death of their human parent. When they come to us, all are examined by a veterinarian and care is given as needed — spaying/neutering, vaccines, dental procedures, preventative medications, and microchips. Florida Poodle Rescue has also provided many of our Poodles with treatment for active cases of heartworm and major surgeries such as facial reconstruction, hip surgery, cataract sugeries, and broken bone repairs.  All are placed in foster homes that provide love and patience to help them adjust before being adopted. A rescued Poodle’s stay in foster care varies from several days to several months, depending on their condition when they arrived at Florida Poodle Rescue.

These rescued dogs go on to lead joyful lives as cherished companions to loving human parents. The joy and satisfaction of rescuing a Poodle and being a part of their transformation cannot be described in words.



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